Leadership Skills Development Programs  

Leadership Focus

Anyone who has the responsibility for supervising one or more employees must be a Leader. Getting the job done, and done right, is what LEADERSHIP is all about.

We believe that Leadership skills can be developed in anyone who wants to Lead effectively. Garic Management Consulting views Leadership as a system within a system. It is the driving force behind organizational success. We don't offer canned, generic training programs.

Our Leadership development programs are custom-tailored to our clients' needs and focus exclusively on enhancing the Leadership skills of those participating in them. We begin with a scientific approach, measuring skills and abilities that are critical aspects of the Leadership equation. Once an assessment is made, we then focus in on those aspects of Leadership that are required to get the job done. We follow-up with our participants, seeking to measure how they are using their learned skills and abilities.

Our programs focus on individual and team Leadership development. Garic Management Consulting has programs for development of Leadership skills and abilities for any level of responsibility.

  Leadership Workshops
Focus: Immediate and Mid-Level Supervisors
Scope of Program:
• Effective Communications
• Motivating People
• Decision-Making Skills
• Time Management
• Effective Discipline
• Team Leadership Skills
• Conflict Resolution
• Public Relations
• Doing the Right Thing (Ethics)
Management Team Assessment Program
Focus: The Corporate Key Leadership Team
Scope of Program:
A systematic, scientific approach to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of key corporate leaders.
Management Team Development Program
Focus: The Corporate Key Leadership Team
Scope of Program:
Achieve the synergism of the corporate management team.

  Consulting Services

At Garic Management Consulting, we view organizations as sets of interrelated systems that are interdependent. The focus is on how these systems interrelate and the cause and effect each has on the others.

Expertise. Our recommendations are proven. We bring to the client the unique combination of practical experience in leading and managing business coupled with an in-depth understanding of performance management techniques.

Prompt, reliable service. Garic Management Consulting focuses on cultivating life-long relationships with its clients and views them as partners in performance improvement.

Measurable, results-oriented programs. We believe that any efforts toward improving performance must be measurable.

Performance Improvement is our objective. We take a results orientation to consulting. Our objective is measurable performance improvement for our clients.

  Consulting Focus

Performance Assessment
A top-to-bottom assessment of all primary systems of the company including recommendations for improvement of systems. Systems assessment includes the following organizational systems: Leadership; Strategy; Market Focus; Information; HR Management and Development; Process Management; and Business Results.

Strategic Development
Corporate Strategy Development
Strategy Implementation
Strategy Evaluation
Policy Development
Operational Policy
Techniques and Procedures
Policy Implementation
Needs Assessment
Program Development
Management Services